Mantis Core Foundation

Focus on High-Speed Connections, New Materials, and AIoT Solutions

High-speed Communications Division

The world's leading high-speed connections and engineering design system, focusing on first-class SI modelling and design practices while meeting strict mechanical and accurate requirements.

Advanced Materials Division

Mantis uses the world's first high-density plasma process-ionized physical vapour deposition technology and equipment to produce graphene and graphite-derived elements and new multifunctional metal materials.

AIoT Application Division

With the continuous digitization of life and the popularization of IoT applications, coupled with the upgrading and integration of AI technology and 5G connections and transmissions, AIoT has become the latest trend in the era of intelligence.

Electronics Components & Services

Based in Taiwan, with global manufacturing network. Mantis Technologies always provide the best soultions for our customers worldwide. We help our precious customers meet their mission in the shortest time, from electronic components sourcing to EMS solutions.

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Address : No. 10-1, Ln. 233, Yanji St., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 10696 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)