With an extensive experience of over a decade, Mantis Group cooperates with leading chip manufacturers and scientists to provides efficient, high-quality, and reliable electronic component solutions to our worldwide customers with flexible requirements to customized services.                                                                                                                                             

Our headquarters is located in Hsinchu Industrial Park, Taiwan. The outstanding location gives us even more advantage to meet our precious client's needs. Within 20 minutes car ride, our competitive ecosystem consists of all leading IC design houses, semiconductor manufactures (including TSMC Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), National Space Organization (NSPO), and the world's largest PCB manufactory. As a result, Mantis Group has helped our customers secure the supply chain.

Mantis Group also has a fully qualified facility located in New Taipei City(Taiwan), only 30 minutes from Central Taipei & less than an hour from International Airport.

This site focused on providing high-speed connectivity solutions, from "PCB & Backplane Design" to "Signal Integrity & Cable Assembly Services". With numerous competitive advantages to our service, we can provide leading technology sources to required solutions with minimal time cycles. Our experienced engineering team is honored to provide the solutions to this Big Data & Al World.